Upon reading this, It triggered an idea.

On Saturday, 30 September 2017 at 16:10:44 UTC, Jonathan Marler wrote:

I'd like to see DIP88 (Named Parameters) revived. Was this proposal rejected or is it just stale and needs a refresh? Named parameters can be implemented in a library, however, in my opinion they are useful enough to warrant a clean syntax with language support. I'd be willing to refresh the DIP so long as I know the idea has not already been rejected.

Upon reading the DIP, it reminds me of object destruction.

// extracts success & message from returned type. Could be tuple or structure, etc. May even eliminate use of tuples for multiple return

auto {success, message} = callVoldermortFunction();

This is concept is used in Kotlin. JavaScript es6 takes it even further (function parameters and arguments support object destruction)

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