On Sunday, 8 October 2017 at 04:40:35 UTC, Nicholas Wilson wrote:
I am happy to announce that DCompute will soon[1] support the OpenCL 2.1 runtime. I have tested it locally and it works now :) I wasted a good deal of time wondering why it wasn't and it was a small typo in DerelictCL trying to load OpenCL 2.2 symbols when loading 2.1. That along with OpenCL 2.x support for DerelictCL will be merged and tagged soon and then [1] can be merged.

Most of the hard work is now done, leaving general polish and user feedback as the main development tasks. A unified driver abstracting over the CUDA and OpenCL drivers is on my todo list.


This is awesome! I have some ambitious plans which depend on this development.

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