About Mir Algorithm
Mir Algorithm[1] is Dlang core library for math, finance and a home for Dlang multidimensional array package - ndslice.

New Modules

 - mir.ndslice.connect.cpython* - Python Buffer Protocol

- mir.ndslice.connect.cpp* - ndslice wrapper for extern(C++) functions


 - lazy multidimensional element-wise operations:
            c[] = a + b.map!sqrt * d;
            auto dp = reduce!"a + b"(0.0, a * b);

     (map and reduce are from mir.ndslice.topology)

 - mir.ndslice.dynamic now accepts all  kinds of slices

 - mir.ndslice.topology.byDim (@jmh530)

 - const slices got random access and slicing

Special thanks to @jmh530 for PRs and bug fixes.

* - This work has been sponsored by Symmetry Investments [2] and Kaleidic Associates [3].

Let me know if your company uses Mir-Algorithm and I can put its badge in the readme.

[1] https://github.com/libmir/mir-algorithm
[2] http://symmetryinvestments.com
[3] https://github.com/kaleidicassociates

Best Regards,
Ilya Yaroshenko

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