So I finally got around having time in my life to work with Diamond, which also meant fixing a few things in it, such as making it compatible with the latest version of DMD.

Version 2.0.4 includes the following additions:

* Support for escaped expressions using @$=expression;
* Compiles with latest version of DMD (Fixed an issue with compile-time AA's) * New view functionality for rendering (View the wiki for more information.) * Redirection functionality for controllers (View the wiki for more information.)

Dub: (Currently waiting for the registry to update, so manual fetches from Github are required until the registry updates to 2.0.4 -- been waiting the past 2 hours or so and it seems like the registry has some issues atm. so hopefully that's fixed soon.)

Previous releases can be found here:

-- To people who hasn't seen this project before --

What is Diamond?

Diamond is a MVC / Template library written in Diamond. It was written originally as an alternative to the Diet templates in vibe.d, but now its functonality and capabilities are far beyond templating only.

What does Diamond depend on?

Diamond can be used stand-alone without depending on any third-party libraries, other than the standard library Phobos. It has 3 types of usage, websites and webservices, where it's used on-top of vibe.d and as a stand-alone mvc/template library.

What is the dependency to vibe.d?

Diamond was originally written to be used in a hobby project as an alternative syntax to the "standard" diet templates. Thus it was originally build on-top vibe.d as a pure website template. It has now evolved to be able to run stand-alone however.

What syntax does Diamond use?

Diamond is heavily inspired by the ASP.NET razor syntax, but still differs a lot from it. You can read more about that in the wiki under Syntax Reference or the comparison with ASP.NET Razor

What advantages does Diamond have over Diet?

It let's you control the markup entirely, can be integrated with any-type of D code, not limited to vibe.d and can be used as standard template library for any type of project such as email templates etc. It also allows for special rendering, easy controller implementations and management of request data, response etc.

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