Hello. I have an app for multiplayer game website. I am Facing an issue about stacking terminal. Also the app does not save the logs which is supposed to. I need someone who can fix this. Will send the app to developer.

in total The tasks are :
1) Fix stacking issue in the terminal,
2) Fix saving logs
3) Fix the reconnection issue (during the game if one of the opponent has left the game then another opponent sees the pop up window which says "please wait while your opponent reconnect". But the problem is server does not reconnects the disconnected user when he comes back. 4) The same username can be logged in the server. we need to prevent this case. if the user is already in the server, then it shouldnt be allowed him to login again.

We have allocated budget for all these tasks. In total we are going to pay 250-300$.
Please contact me by email if you are interested :


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