On 10/20/17 3:30 PM, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
Hi everyone,

I scheduled an informal meetup for Sunday, 10/29, to get together. Nothing special going on, except that Ali Çehreli, author of "Programming in D" will be in town, and has offered to join us, along with Andrei. That's 2/3 of the D Foundation! (Walter, when are you coming to Boston?)

Please RSVP on EventBrite if you are coming. See you then!


FYI, Capital One Cafe has contacted me and said that we cannot advertise publicly on EventBrite if we are going to use their Cafe. I have made the above page private. I am going to have a conversation with the fellow who runs the program there, and figure out what it is they allow, as this was not told to me ever before.

If you want to look at the page, use the password "dlangrocks". I think all they need is that it's not publicly serachable on EventBrite.


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