On Tuesday, 14 November 2017 at 14:07:51 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
The time to start preparing submissions for DConf 2018 has come! The event is scheduled for May 2-5 in Munich, Germany. As with the 2017 edition, three days of talks are planned, followed by a Hackathon on the last day.

my useless advice to those speaking at the conference...

please...no fanboy talks ..like that which comes out of google, about go.

no multicolored, fluffy toys on stage, that makes me feel like i'm in kindergarden (i'm just gunna puke!).

A willingness to be critical...will gain peoples attention, will encourage people to find solutions, and will help D evolve.

First 5 minutes...get me there, or you'll lose me.

Be prepared to ignore everything I just said...but at your own peril ;-)

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