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Your Mission

Your Track Record

Degree in Computer Science, or closely-related

It baffles me that recruitment still works using this as a requirement. A CS graduate will never know any of these besides basic intro to C, C++, html, css, databases, and basic hardware-software theory... without self learning and practice.


Sure it will, it is a matter of university quality.

During my 5 year degree, we got to learn about C++, Prolog, Caml Light and SML, x86 and MIPS Assembly, Pascal, PL/SQL, Java, Smalltalk.

Those that took compiler design, also had a look into Algol, Concurrent C, Oberon, Modula-3, Eiffel, Lisp.

We had access to DG/UX, Aix, GNU/Linux, Mac System 7 and Windows as OSes.

Additionally we got all the layers of OS development, from drivers to graphics programming, distributed computing using PWM and MPI, web design, architecture, algorithms and data structures, calculus, linear algebra among many other concepts.

Each area required projects to be delivered during each semester and final examination.

Sure many can self learn some of those themes, but it requires a big discipline to keep the rhythm.

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