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> On 12/09/2017 07:58 AM, wobbles wrote:
> > On Thursday, 7 December 2017 at 14:31:01 UTC, Chris wrote:
> >   I didn't know Ireland was so
> > > unknown, unless, of course, I'm supposed to choose "Great Britain".
> > 
> > I also hated myself for clicking Great Britain :-)
> As an outsider, I'm curious about this. My (perhaps innacurate?) 
> understanding was that "Great Britain" was more a geographical term 
> referring to everything on the islands rather than a political boundary 
> (as opposed to "UK" which is purely a political concept and includes 
> some, but not all, of the countries on the same islands). Is that not 
> enitrely correct? Or is that exactly the the part that's uncomfortable - 
> that it's a "Country" field which lacks the actual country name and only 
> offers a geographic collection in its place?

The UK is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Well for
now, let's see what happens come 2019-03-30.

Great Britiain is technically the geographical thing, the island and
surrounding islands that are politically Scotland, Wales, and England. Wales
was effectively annexed by England long ago. Scotland joined with England
via the Act of Union 1707.

Northern Ireland is the result of the termination of the English occupation
of Ireland. The 1921 separation of Ireland that allowed the Irish Free State
to form in 1922. Basically it separated the unionists and the republicans so
the republicans could get on with life as a self determining political

Many international organisations have confused everyone about the labels,
UK, Great Britain, GB, GBR, especially in Internet circles and in sport.

Wikipedia is mostly not entirely wrong on this stuff.

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