About Mir Algorithm
Mir Algorithm[1] is Dlang core library for math, finance and a home for Dlang multidimensional array package - ndslice.

New Modules since v0.6.21
- Reworked interpolation API, now found in mir.interpolate, mir.interpolate.linear, mir.interpolate.pchip. - New module mir.interpolate.spline for cubic interpolation. Warning: multivariate cubic spline with derivatives is still experimental. - New module mir.interpolate.constant for constant interpolation. Warning: multivariate constant interpolant is still experimental.

API Changes since v0.6.21
- Added in mir.math.common function attributes @optmath and @fmamath. They only have effect when compiling with LDC but can be used with all compilers. (This now also applies to @fastmath.) @optmath is similar to @fastmath but does not allow unsafe-fp-math. Does not force LDC to replace division with multiplication by reciprocal. - New mir.utility.extMul extended unsigned multiplication that makes available the high bits of the result
- New mir.functional.aliasCall
- New mir.ndslice.algorithm.maxLength returns max length across all dimensions. - New mir.ndslice.slice.IteratorOf!(T : Slice) extracts iterator type from a Slice - New mir.ndslice.slice.ndassign assignment utility template that works both with scalars and with ndslices. - In mir.ndslice.slice.Slice: iterator is now inout; opUnary now works with - and +; opIndexAssign now returns ref this instead of void.
- mir.ndslice.field.MagicField supports length and shape.

Removed Modules
- mir.interpolation, mir.interpolation.linear, mir.interpolation. Migrate to replacements (mir.interpolate.*).

Other Changes since v0.6.21
- Uses of @fastmath in the Mir codebase have been replaced by @optmath, excepting mir.math.sum Summation.fast. - In mir.ndslice.topology under-the-hood improvements in slide, diff, pairwise - In mir.ndslice.slice.Slice opBinary and opBinaryRight now internally use mir.ndslice.topology.vmap instead of mir.ndslice.topology.indexed.

Fixed since v0.6.21
- Fix in mir.ndslice.topology.map for compilation failing in cases where chained map calls couldn't be coalesced due to capturing multiple contexts (seemingly a compiler bug in some cases) - Made mir.ndslice.topology.flattened backwards compatible with LDC 1.2.0 for those who haven't upgraded - Added workaround in mir.ndslice.algorithm.reduce for DMD inlining bug for non-Windows x86-64 (LDC unaffected)
- mir.primitives.shape now takes its argument by reference

[1] https://github.com/libmir/mir-algorithm

Release notes with hyperlinks: https://github.com/libmir/mir-algorithm/releases/tag/v0.7.0

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