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On 12/20/17 8:57 AM, Mike Parker wrote:
Many thanks to Rainer for his insightful new article for the D Blog outlining the new name mangling algorithm. He talks about the old implementation and its limitations before going into the details of the new one. It's a topic I had never considered digging into before, even when the big Voldemort issue first popped up, but now I find it interesting.

The blog


Hi folks, the discussion in the announce forum is most welcome but statistically very few people read the forum. Please direct discussions to the reddit group, which enjoys a broader audience. Sadly right now the sparse reddit discussion makes the reception look worse than it actually was. -- Andrei

We mostly just post corrections and technical suggestions in here, which are more likely to be seen. Anyway, the post has already done well on proggit, made top 25 most-liked of the last week and top 10 dlang.org posts of the last year:


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