On Monday, 8 January 2018 at 22:20:37 UTC, Bastiaan Veelo wrote:
On Monday, 8 January 2018 at 22:12:17 UTC, Seb wrote:
On Monday, 8 January 2018 at 22:06:44 UTC, Bastiaan Veelo wrote:
Here's how: https://gist.github.com/veelo/f7668510bad2e8c9212ab66104541fcc

FYI: You could reduce the size of the `travis.yml`.
See e.g.:


That moves a simple section from `.travis.yml` to a more complicated script `travis.sh`.

I was talking about e.g. `libssl-dev`, but I saw you already adjusted that.

Note that with the next vibe.d release (0.8.3), you can also drop libevent-dev as vibe-core will become the default. You could already do this today with `dub build -b ddox --override-config="vibe-d:core/vibe-core"`, but Ddox that might require the latest vibe.d and vibe-core.

Anyways, great document - thanks a lot for sharing!

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