DMD64 2.078.0 on Linux and macOS is taking wildly longer to build and run unittests for mir-algorithm. The extra time appears to be related to release mode optimizations.

Build logs:

DMD 2.077.1 for linux32: 3 min 20 sec
DMD 2.077.1 for linux64: 3 min 16 sec
DMD 2.077.1 for mac64: 5 min 4 sec

DMD 2.078.0-rc.1 for linux32: 13 min 30 sec
DMD 2.078.0-rc.1 for linux64: 9 min 39 sec
DMD 2.078.0-rc.1 for mac64: 10 min 56 sec, then the job was aborted

The above tests all include a non-release build and a release build. On my mac laptop running DMD 2.078.0, building and running the mir-algorithm unittests takes 8 seconds normally but takes ~3 minutes 49 seconds with dub options "releaseMode", "optimize", "inline", "noBoundsCheck".

I don't see any new compiler optimizations in the changelog. Any idea of what could be causing this?

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