It was bad weather in Munich on Saturday, so got a couple of new cool features:

1) Assembly output

However, if you are seriously interested in looking at the ASM output, I recommend for LDC and GDC.

2) AST of DMD frontend (after semantic analysis)

Permanent: `-vcg-ast`

3) IR (LDC only)

Might come to DMD, see

4) Permanent flags

In case you want to share a link to someone and they should immediately see this, simply add the respective flag:

ASM: -asm (DMD) | -output-s (LDC)
AST: -vcg-ast
IR: -output-ll (LDC) is smart enough to display the resulting file.

5) Stores the latest source file in the persistent localStorage of your browser
6) Small UI updates

Any ideas?

Don't like the UI?

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