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Can you please tell me on your system what are the values for real.sizeof and real.mant_dig?

They are 12 and 64 (-m32) and 16 and 64 (-m64).

This is curious. Because the only documented real type with a 64-bit mantissa is the 80-bit Intel Extended Precision format with a unique sizeof of 10 (and not 12 or 16).

sizeof returns the in-memory size (at least in C and C++) which is subject to alignment constraints. 32-bit mode typically requires 4-byte aligned access (96 bit = 12 byte) while 64-bit requires 8-byte alignment (128 bit = 16 bytes) for optimal performance. Cf. e.g. p. 28 of "SYSTEM V APPLICATION BINARY INTERFACE Intel386" (long double)


and p. 12 of "System V Application Binary Interface AMD64 Architecture Processor Supplement"


Actually, real80 is the only type I'm supporting in the library, any other real type is converted to double. This will explain some loss of precision.


Do you have more information about the real type on you system, because on mine (Windows), real.sizeof is always 10, irrespective of -m32 or -m64.

Mantissa will be easy to extract being 64-bit, but I don't know the exact layout of your real type to extract the exponent.

Assumed that your machine has a X86_64 cpu real = long double is the 80-bit extended precision format. I suppose you are running windows and it may be that the Window ABI stores these reals 16-bit (2-byte) aligned. In this case there will be no padding. But I have not found info on this topic.

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