On Saturday, 13 January 2018 at 23:59:52 UTC, Johan Engelen wrote:
It's been a work-in-progress for half a year, but finished now:


"A not-so-well-written article about the fuzzing capability recently added to LDC, using LLVM’s libFuzzer. Compiling code with -fsanitize=fuzzer adds control-flow instrumentation used to guide the fuzzing and links-in the libFuzzer library that drives the fuzz testing (same as Clang). -fsanitize=fuzzer is available from LDC 1.4.0, not on Windows. LDC 1.6.0 was used for the examples in this article."

Hope the article gives you enough information to start fuzz testing your own projects.


(per Ali's request, the article has a nice fuzzy font for some of you :P)

Nice post, enjoyed reading it. I need to look into trying out the shift sanitizer sometime.

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