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> I've posted (what basically amounts to an article) about my current
> thoughts on addressing Prepared's current downsides in the next
> release (v2.0.0), as well as a little bit of future direction of the
> lib.
> Anyone interested in mysql-native's prepared statements (especially
> their interplay with connection pools) is encouraged to take a look
> and share any thoughts:
> https://github.com/mysql-d/mysql-native/issues/95#issuecomment-357757013

A lot of what you discuss here is pertinent not only to mysql-native,
but to (SQL) database bindings in general.  I've been facing much the
same questions in my own SQLite bindings, which are based on Adam
Ruppe's sqlite.d.

One of these days, we should draft up a "standard" API for SQL database
bindings in D, so that implementations can benefit from a well thought
out API design instead of rolling their own each time.


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