Advanced Random Number Generators.
Mir Random can be used as betterC library or with default/different thread local random engines.

Mir Random v0.4.0
 1. default params from random variable constructors was removed
2. convention functions for random variable construction were added
 3. `randomSlice` was added to `mir.random.algorithm`
 4. `field` API rework for complex numbers
 5. default engine `rne` was added to some algorithms

Mir Random v0.3.6
 Fixed Bugs:
  Wrong double generation with 32bit DMD.

  Nathan Sashihara
  Sebastian Wilzbach

Docs: http://docs.algorithm.dlang.io/latest/index.html
Try online: https://tour.dlang.org/tour/en/dub/mir-random
(the example can be simplified since v0.4.0)

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