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> > > Syntax is EVERYTHING. It can make or break a language.
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> > And semantics doesn't matter.
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> > :-D
> assert("easy on the eyes" == "easy on the brain");

Therein lies the rub: "easy on the eyes" is subjective. Meaning that
reasonable people will disagree on what exactly constitutes "easy on the
eyes".  I'm pretty sure a Lisp geek would consider Lisp as very easy to
read, and everything else as an eyesore.  Does that mean everyone should
use Lisp syntax to the exclusion of all else?  I hope not.

> wtf! I get an assertion failure??

See, even dmd agrees with me. :-D

> programming languages are just dumb tools to write syntax ;-)

In Soviet Russia, programming languages write your syntax for you!

> the semantics are in a different domain.

Meaning, semantics are outside the domain of programming languages?
That's ... an intriguing idea.  I would like to subscribe to your
newsletter. :-D


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