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> If D just wants to become a compiled scripting > language...good luck to it.

That's certainly not the goal, but as with every tool people become very familiar with, it's used creatively for things other than initially intended.

And D has a lot of the easy-of-use that folks like to attribute to scripting languages. Thanks to how hard stuff like string processing is in C/C++, there's frequently a perception that compiled languages are hard to use for a lot of stuff that folks like to use scripting languages for, whereas that really has nothing to do with whether the language is compiled or not. And D is much more on-par with scripting languages in that regard even though it's compiled. So, if someone uses a scripting language because of its use-of-use, D frequently works for those use cases just as well.

There's no requirement that a compiled language be used for large programs or that it be hard to use for simple tasks. And D can be used for a whole range of program sizes and tasks. It's a solid general purpose language, and small scripts fit into that just as well as large applications do.

- Jonathan M Davis

Very well said. Coming from the world of full stack (front-end and back-end), D is the only language that provides me with all of C/C++ but in a more Javascript & php way of easing development. Not only strings that are convenient to work with in D, but its has generally been for me... convenience in dealing with data generally.

D is very well designed, easy to understand, and can be a beast if you want. Its one language you need to learn to be useful in every domain. D is already enough as a scripting language. I can code in D as fast as in Javascript (Nodejs).

That's why my complaints have not been about the language but packages/library availability. D is my answer to one language for everything. Being general purpose language at it's core is a good thing. Best of both worlds.

std.range, std.algorithms, std. string, std.datetime solves 60% of all my needs. Useful stuff on Dub too. More will come with time.

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