An all-D MySQL/MariaDB client library:

Tagged 'v2.1.0-rc1', release candidate for v2.1.0, which mainly adds a few new features, inlcuding greatly simplified shortcut syntax for prepared statements (with automatic, implicit caching and re-use):

int i = 5;
string s = "Hello world";
conn.exec("INSERT INTO table_name VALUES (?, ?)", i, s);
conn.query("SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE id=? AND name=?", i, s);

// Also works:
Prepared stmt = conn.prepare("INSERT ...blah... (?, ?)");
conn.exec(stmt, i, s);

As well as additional tools for optional micro-management of registering/releasing prepared statements.

Full changelog for this release is in the 'v2.1.x' branch:

Final v2.1.0 release is tentatively scheduled for one week from today.

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