GtkD is a D wrapper to the GTK library. It has plenty of doc comments attached... but they are in a special GTK syntax and all the cross references refer to C structs and functions instead of to D classes and methods.

Well, adrdox got some special-case code to handle this and do the translations for us! I'd say I got it about 95% handled automatically... and I like the result a lot more than the official docs for either D or C.

Take a look!

Well, I made a mistake generating these and there's a broken image and link in the header... but the text body looks pretty good!

You can navigate around there and even go to the root and see all the various packages included in gtkd:

Any Gtk-D users here who can give me some practical feedback? Unlike most dub packages, gtkd is just too big to automatically generate on the server, so I have to do it on my computer and copy the (almost 26,000!!!) files up to the 'net. So I won't update it frequently, but I will keep improving if I hear good ideas.

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