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And this clarifies the source of your confusion. The D programming language is an open source project, not a for-profit company. D is not the language you're looking for.

There are 3 years since C# is also open source project. Last week 72 pull requests form 24 contributors were merged on ~master. And this is only for Roslyn (the C# compiler).

Don't forget that "open source" != non-profit. For the C# compiler there's a dedicated team of full-time developers.

Also to be fair, the activity on dmd isn't that low either though the last week was a one with low-traffic:


Typically ~40 PRs get merged per PR for dmd alone:


With druntime + phobos, it's a lot more.

The difference (at least for me) is that contributing to C# is a no-brainer. Contributing to D needs an advanced degree in computer science. Using the information on the D wiki didn't helped me until now to successfully compile and test a fresh copy of dmd or phobos.

I assume you are using Windows?
Setup on Posix is really simple.
git clone all three repos + run make.

There's also a bash script to automate this:


From what I heard it's a bit tricky on Windows. I only tried with wine and that worked out-of-the-box for me. Execute the DMD installer, set PATH, DM_HOME and HOST_DC and then run the win32 makefiles work fine.

What could be done from your perspective to make the setup easier?

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