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And this clarifies the source of your confusion. The D programming language is an open source project, not a for-profit company. D is not the language you're looking for.

There are 3 years since C# is also open source project. Last week 72 pull requests form 24 contributors were merged on ~master. And this is only for Roslyn (the C# compiler).

The difference (at least for me) is that contributing to C# is a no-brainer. Contributing to D needs an advanced degree in computer science. Using the information on the D wiki didn't helped me until now to successfully compile and test a fresh copy of dmd or phobos.

Funnily enough, becoming a significant contributor to the ecosystem - compiler or Phobos - demonstrably does not require even a complete graduation from high school or any industrial programming experience. I know of what I speak, but I don't say who as it's not for me to say.

I was in Munich over new year and I asked someone else who has been a star contributor how he got involved. It was really easy for him to start contributing, so he did. But different people find different things easy.

You don't need to have subsystem for Linux to use bash. Just the standard git client for Windows is enough.

I agree the Windows experience could be easier upfront. Still, it's better than it used to be and next year it will be better again.

You can't really compare the C# ecosystem to the D ecosystem because they are organised around different principles. Yes, the pain is upfront with D, and it's not for everyone. However on the basis of rational calculation the pain in learning something new is a small part of the total cost of the technology choice and for some people by far not the most relevant question.

And it's an advantage in hiring because the D community filters for people who have a tolerance for discomfort upfront.

It would be wonderful to be able to wave a wand and make all of life's little frustrations disappear. But in my experience, that's not what is possible - one picks from the choices available and the new ones one thinks up. People have a tendency to think that leadership has more power to just change things then is actually the case.

I'm going to be building standard developer images from scratch programmatically. Transform froma Windows ISO into a VM image.Maybe I could open source those scripts and then it's easier to get to the bottom of any install and build problems and one can replicate difficulties.

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