03.04.2018 04:44, Andrew Edwards пишет:

I made an attempt last year but not much came of it. Would like to help out if you don’t mind slowing your pace a bit to provide some mentoring when the need arises.


My pace isn't fast, unfortunately. In fact porting is rather simple, the problem is testing and some things I was forced to made more D-idiomatic. For example wjakob uses passing args as const reference all over the place, even bool. I've changed it by passing by value. All types are less or equal to pointer size so there is no sense to pass them by reference I think. Also it lets avoid const qualifier on D side, because passing by value is equal to passing with const qualifier, but of course it's debatable. And I'd like to instead of Screen class, that based on glfw library under hood, use several classes based on arsd.simpledisplay, sdl2, glfw, sfml etc... Now my code is mess, I need to clean it before pushing but more probably it'll happens only on the weekends.
Anyway, you're welcome!

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