Am 04.04.2018 um 20:34 schrieb greatsam4sure:
> On Tuesday, 3 April 2018 at 23:02:42 UTC, WebFreak001 wrote:
>> new code-d (D extension for vscode) and serve-d (Language Server
>> Protocol server for it) release
>> See the CHANGELOG in vscode, or on
>> Today massive improvements towards windows installation have been made
>> and it should be a lot more painless now.
>> Big thanks to Mike Franklin for helping me debug the windows
>> installation, making this available very quickly and to p0nce for
>> compiling the windows release because my VM wasn't working for this
>> anymore.
>> As now the extension is in stable and no longer requires the beta
>> branch a lot of issues have been fixed and old ones which are probably
>> no longer valid closed. If you find any issue please create a new one
>> or reopen if you have an old issue.
>> Here are some of my personal highlights:
>> - documentation inside autocompletion
>> - import timing
>> - simple
>> implement interface action
>> n/a - everything compiles and installs without reloads or cumbersome
>> dialogs, just install from marketplace, wait for the installation
>> which should be very quick, especially with prebuilt binaries and
>> start coding without any distractions!
>> - dub dependency browser
>> n/a - automatic insertion of a module statement on rename and file
>> creation
>> code-d beta and code-d are therefore on the same release right now,
>> but code-d beta will still be continuing to get features early.
>> eager to hear your feedback, though gonna go to sleep for now.
>> Planned for next release is internationalizing the final few messages
>> which are in the code-d part, all serve-d parts have already been
>> translated to German and Japanese and are determined by vscode language.
> Thanks a lot! It works fine for me now in windows 10
> steps
> * I delete  C:\Users\Greatsam\AppData\Roaming\code-d folder
> **Restart visual studio code at least twice with internet connect on to
> enable code-d serve-d to download DCD
> It shows dcd successfully installed with many deprecation message
> ***I used sdl in my dub project with the flags: dflags
> "-transition=intpromote" platform="dmd"
> I don't know if this have any effect. This help me to avoid some errors
> from the compilers
> Thanks all who make this a success on windows. It is a great achievement
> in moving D forward.
I just tried to get this to work, too, but I was not able to get it to
work correctly. It seems that running dub fails somehow:

2018-04-09T23:40:19.281:source\app.d:main:196 Setting language to de
2018-04-09T23:40:19.281:source\app.d:main:205 Features fulfilled
2018-04-09T23:40:19.283:source\app.d:main:211 Started reading from stdin
2018-04-09T23:40:19.283:source\app.d:main:215 RPC started
2018-04-09T23:40:19.294:source\app.d:main:226 Has Message
2018-04-09T23:40:19.294:source\app.d:main:228 Message: RequestMessage(0,
2018-04-09T23:40:19.306:source\app.d:__lambda10:234 Processing as request
2018-04-09T23:40:19.306:source\app.d:processRequest:50 Initializing
Initializing serve-d for c:\Users\Johannes
Starting dub...
Could not resolve configuration for package fsical-management
2018-04-09T23:42:07.144:source\served\extension.d:initialize:163 Failed
starting dub - falling back to fsworkspace
Error message:  Konnte dub nicht starten. Funktionalität begrenzt!
Konnte dub nicht starten. Funktionalität begrenzt!","type":1}}
Starting dmd
Starting dscanner
Starting dfmt
Starting dlangui
Starting importer
Starting moduleman

Do you have any idea what's going wrong?

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