On Tuesday, 10 April 2018 at 03:37:59 UTC, evilrat wrote:
On Monday, 9 April 2018 at 19:10:46 UTC, Samson wrote:

Today I update code-d serve-d and vsc. After which I got the notification that WebFreak001 has deprecate code-d serve-d beta and auto completion stop working. I saw code-d extension with the same icon as code-d serve-d beta so I install it. After which code hinting and auto completion don't still.

What is the solution to this problem?

Disable "normal" code-d, close VS, remove %appdata%/code-d, launch VS & enable code-d beta serve-d, enjoy.

We're in the same boat dude. I just did clean install of whole D ecosystem from 6 months old setup where everything was more or less working, and followed this treacherous deprecation message, got code-d 0.17.1 with betastream option instead of my trusty beta 0.17.9... OMG it is broken in so many ways... it overwrites dub/serve-d paths settings, it messes with permissions, it removes already existing dub, dcd and serve-d executables!!!

well, don't store them in the code-d folder, it won't remove or mess up anything outside its own folder and it won't change the user settings if they point to valid executables either.

Reverted back to "deprecated" beta, at least it somewhat working, it is still incredibly slow on showing meaningful completions, doesn't seem to recognize half of the project, and seems to be completely not working with workspaces, but it is better than nothing.

Overall I've got an awful experience from code-d. Now, unfortunattely, there is even no adequate editor with decent performance & usability on Windows, I mean yeah there is still visual-d but it takes about 3 seconds to actually show completions, and code-d is completely broken right now.

fyi "deprecated" code-d beta and normal code-d is exactly the same plugin right now using exactly the same serve-d versions, except for the deprecation message.

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