On 4/10/18 2:36 PM, Atila Neves wrote:

Haha, I remember. I do plan on dealing with emplace_back, but I have no idea how just yet and I was hoping nobody was going to call me on it until then. Busted! :P

I think we all agree you aren't going to instantiate C++ templates in D (and who would want to).

But since you are using a wrapper to call the compiler, and invoking clang anyway, generating a file to compile which calls the template to generate the object file for the method, and then using the symbol generated to bind to the method might be possible. Of course, you first have to compile your D code to see what templates to generate! So this is another extra step.

It could be as easy as generating a mock C++ template for vector, that then has a symbol that d++ recognizes and both replaces with a real call AND helps you figure out what C++ template to generate. -vcg-ast may help here.

Whatever this is going to be, it ain't going to be fast...


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