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Around the same time, a Pull Request was created to implement support for UDAs on function parameters [4]. In the comment thread for this PR, Andrei said that he and Walter "agree this can be integrated without a DIP." When he realized a DIP had already been submitted, he wanted to approve it "without too much paperwork."

[4] https://github.com/dlang/dmd/pull/7576

will templates be supported?
dont know, maybe something like this example:

void test(T)(T t) { }
void test2(Args...)(Args args) { }
void main()
    // uda declaration as a ct-param
    test!(@(1) int)(1);
    test2!(@(1) int, @(2) string)(1, "test");
    test!(@(1))(1); // inferred type but provided uda?
    1.test!(@(1) int);
    1.test2!(@(1) int, @(2) string)("test");
    1.test!(@(1)); // inferred type but provided uda?

    // or alternatively as a rt-param
    test(@(1) 1); // inferred type but provided uda?
    (@(1) 1).test;
    test2(@(1) 1, @(2) "test");
    test!(int)(@(1) 1);
    test2!(int, string)(@(1) 1, @(2) "test");

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