Lately, we've seen a steadily increasing trend of new followers on Twitter. We're closing in on the totally arbitrary yet emotionally significant number of 10,000. I was just thinking how cool it would be to hit that number before or during DConf.

Now that my move is behind me and I'm settling in to my new house, I have more time to stay on top of things (note that "more" does not necessarily equate to "enough"). I'll try to keep the tweet stream more active than usual over the coming two+ weeks, even while I'm bopping around Germany in the week prior to the conference.

If you have a Twitter handle, it would help us out to retweet anything interesting you see on @D_Programming. If you aren't following us, it would help us out even more for you to become a statistic! Let's see if we can turn that 9,781 (as I write this) into 10,000 before the Hackathon.

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