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Did you ever have the need to write something efficient? .NET is a sandbox for children and UX people.

Oh yeah, toy applications for children like StackOverflow, Siemens NX, Solidworks, most of the Azure platform, MSSQL and Visual Studio just to name a few. Even a toy compiler like Roslyn. Don't be surprised if github will run someday on top of the .net platform. Welcome to the children playground!

This take on Microsoft is really ridiculous. I hope it's all just for fun. I've been using Linux 100% for years and it's really ridiculous seeing comments about Microsoft being some evil company. Beating competition with alternative product is everywhere...Google took over from Yahoo, Github from Rosetta and Co, Facebook from others,...its all competition in business.

These people who complain don't usually contribute a penny to Open source. Frankly, Microsoft has done great things for the world with software. Making computers accessible to everyone... They recently came out with VS Code which is better than any existing open source alternative...even though it uses same technology as atom and bracket text editor. Really, Microsoft write high quality software... proprietary or open source. They contribute to Linux and other tools. There's the major contributor to open source.

Github is a for-profit company so of course i would expect to make profit too if I bought it. Your employer doesn't pay you with leaves. That money comes from commercialization. Developers must eat.

I think some only look at what happened during Steve Balmer's time as ceo. It was "HIS" strategy to pick on Linux. In fact, he pick on Apple too and several other competing products. Its all marketing and competition and its pretty much everywhere. Monopoly and patent registration is everywhere. I'm not saying its a good thing or bad,...Its not just Microsoft.

If you're don't trust Microsoft, you shouldn't trust any commercial company. Microsoft has changed business model too by embracing open source. In fact, their the real believers in open source now compared to those who don't think theirs money in open source.

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