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On the bright side, maybe this will encourage online repo hosting to become less of a monopoly as folks move elsewhere due to their concerns about Microsoft.

- Jonathan M Davis

Can't agree more: GitLab and Bitbucket deserve more attention.

Speaking of which, there's huge spike [1] in project imports on GitLab. These are some great news for it, I hope it doesn't crash.

[1] https://monitor.gitlab.net/dashboard/db/github-importer?orgId=1

Gitlab has a big (for me) advantage being self hosted standalone system I can use privately. Its free version has restrictions comparing to enterprise version but very usable. What about sexy modern design it's annoying (for me again) that this design changes frequently, it forces me almost every update to find where menus and buttons I used before placed now.

No more restrictions for using GitLab for open source projects [1], both SaaS and Self-Hosted.

It's really a big opportunity...

[1] https://about.gitlab.com/2018/06/05/gitlab-ultimate-and-gold-free-for-education-and-open-source/


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