On Monday, 6 August 2018 at 02:17:28 UTC, Mike Franklin wrote:
The C standard library not a true and intrinsic dependency of D, and is outside of D's charter. [...]

D is a much more capable programming language than C, and whatever functionality is being imported from the C standard library can be better implemented in D with compile-time optimizations via templates, memory safety, and other benefits.

So if I understood correctly, you did not mean ejecting core.stdc but that DRuntime should not depend on it? Yeah, that sound reasonable for me too (If it is practical effort), regardless of DPP. But C libraries should be kept as a backup for platforms where there aren't D implementations. For example, IO functions could first try (using design by introspection) some implementation like https://github.com/schveiguy/iopipe. And if that does not support the enviroment, then fallback to C IO.

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