On Saturday, 3 November 2018 at 16:33:36 UTC, kinke wrote:

I figured it'd be for a lot of Windows users. Why not explicitly express your gratitude with a little 'thank you' then? After all, that little bullet point in the release notes easily took some 40 hours of my spare time, and some appreciation can work wonders to keep motivation up.

Thanks for your work. I don't actually use Windows, but this is much bigger than just one user, as it makes D a viable option for data science. It allows the use of D by millions of R users who mostly know nothing about compiled languages. If you're looking for D's killer app, this is it. But that wasn't possible without a sane Windows installation experience - and having to tangle with VS made it unrealistic for 99.9%+ of all users. That restriction is now gone. Hopefully that gives you motivation to keep working.

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