Underrun is small game build by Dominic Szablewski for the 2018 js13kGames competition.

I decided to port it to D and to target webassembly. You can play the game here https://skoppe.github.io/spasm/examples/underrun/

It is part of my endeavour into the wonderful world of webassembly. I specifically choose this project so I could get a feel for how to call web api's other than the dom, i.e. WebGL and AudioContext.

Porting went pretty smooth, except for the fact that I wanted it to be done in betterC, which turned out to cripple lots of things I am used to rely on.

Things like:

- having to write closures by hand
- not being able to use stdx.allocator
- almost no use of phobos (even at CTFE)

D could definitely use some love in that area. I was specifically stumped that stdx.allocator doesn't work in betterC; if somewhere is a good place to use stdx.allocator you would expect it to be betterC, but alas.

Had lots of fun though. Hope you like it.

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