On 5/21/2020 2:41 PM, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
I even put forth a completely ignored compromise solution that would have solved the problem and allowed extern(C) functions to be considered @safe by default: https://digitalmars.com/d/archives/digitalmars/D/Discussion_Thread_DIP_1028--Make_safe_the_Default--Final_Review_336354.html#N336968

I did see it. I can't even get across the notion of what "undefined symbol xxxx" messages from the linker mean to a lot of programmers. I'll never get this one across. The linking process is already as complex as I dare.

BTW, two symbols resolving to the same address can be a bit awkward in some object formats and isn't really supported, like with COMDATs. In my experience, unless C or C++ compilers generate certain constructs, linkers (and debuggers) don't work for those constructs, whether they are documented to or not.

This is why I consider the process a waste of time, and why I'm done 

The level of negativity in that thread was what caused me to stop responding, though I continued reading. Every reply I made produced 10 responses, an exponential explosion, and yet I was just repeating myself. Two sides to every story.

FWIW, I am going to try again with another post here, for those who want a convenient summary of the rationale.

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