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object.d: module object cannot read file 'object.d'
The fix was to alter dmd.conf, thus:


DFLAGS=-I/usr/local/dmd/src/phobos -L-L/usr/local/dmd/lib
[EMAIL PROTECTED]/../src/phobos [EMAIL PROTECTED]/../lib

I'm running on Ubuntu Hardy Heron.  dmd is installed in
/usr/local/dmd, but the execution is via symbolic links in
/usr/local/bin.  My guess is that it's reading the compilation path
via the links rather than the installation location.

Sorry I didn't file this via Bugzilla, but I'm on the wrong computer,
and I don't have my account memorized.

IIRC On linux you can get away with not using a dmd.conf at all. It requiters that stuff be put in all the right places.

I have a script that seems to work most places I have used it (YMMV so take it more as guide lines)

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