------- Comment #5 from [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2008-11-13 20:31 -------
There have been a few bugs listed here that aren't forward reference issues as
such, i.e. don't result from something being forward referenced, but
nonetheless have "forward declaration" or "forward reference" in the error
message generated.

Some of these are circular import problems, which tend to be closely related to
forward reference problems.  And besides, they do tend to depend on the order
of something, be it import declarations or modules given on the command line. 
So maybe there's an excuse for tracking these here.

But some don't fall under this category, such as issue 1667.  No circular
import, no forward reference, and not an order-of-declaration issue as such
either - just the phrase "forward declaration" in the compiler error.  Do we
think it's desirable to have such issues as this as dependencies of this one?


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