Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
> "Brad Roberts" wrote
>> Does anyone, particularly Walter, pay any attention?  I agree they're
>> useful categorizers, but I have doubts that they're even used by anyone.
> The problem with them (IMO) is that you have to type them in exactly as they 
> are defined.
> Every time I add a keyword (and I do use them, not sure if it helps 
> anything), I have to click on the keywords link to see how they are spelled 
> and what they mean.  It would be a MUCH better interface (and probably more 
> used feature) if the keywords were a checkbox list instead.  I understand 
> that this is not your software, but bugzilla's, so probably no change will 
> come from this.  But at least it's an idea for explaining why it's a seldom 
> used feature.
> My preference for interface would be a checkbox list, with tooltips 
> explaining the keywords when you hover over them.
> -Steve 

Sorry, I want to distinguish 'enter' from 'use'.  It's obvious that some
people enter them.  Have you ever searched for bugs with specific key
words, or used it for any analysis of existing bugs in any way?


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