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------- Comment #2 from  2009-01-16 11:23 -------
Since that module isn't in the import directory, it should be clear that it's
not intended to be externally visible.  GC stats have yet to be formally
defined in druntime, so there is no public interface for accessing them.  You
can obtain them manually via:

struct GCStats
    size_t poolsize;        // total size of pool
    size_t usedsize;        // bytes allocated
    size_t freeblocks;      // number of blocks marked FREE
    size_t freelistsize;    // total of memory on free lists
    size_t pageblocks;      // number of blocks marked PAGE
extern (C) GCStats gc_stats();
auto s = gc_stats();

But be aware that the structure of GCStats may change.


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