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rhel2.1, using glibc 2.2, was released in may 2002 and has been in emergency
fix only mode since may 2005.

rhel3, using glibc 2.3, was released oct 2003 and has been in emergency fix
only mode since june 2007.

rhel4, using glibc 2.3, was released feb 2005 and is in phase 2 (still somewhat

rhel5, using glibc 2.5, was released march 2007 and is still fully supported.

debian seems to be supporting 2.3, 2.7, 2.8, and 2.9 for it's various stages of
development.  Ubuntu adds 2.6 in the middle of that list.

sles 10 seems to be based on 2.4

I tried to gather data for fedora, but it was proving difficult to search for
so I gave up.  Someone else feel like digging up the data?

For what it's worth, the most recent release of glibc is 2.9 (unless a newer
one has come out while I wasn't watching).

Based on the above, I'd personally be ok with 2.3 being the earliest supported
version.  That said, even my oldest personal boxes run 2.7.  My oldest at work
are rhel3 based, but those are all on the way out the door in favor of rhel5.


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