Reply to Zorran,

Russian language not working
in comments and strings by default
with ANSI coding (code page)
Compiler write error - "invalid UTF-8 sequence"

void main()
string s = "Что-то по
русски"; // some text in russian
printf("hello, world!"); //
, мир!

(D version 1.039)

in Delphi, C#, and many C++ compilers - All OK!
it can reduce popularity D!
Russian text not needs two-byte code-page! its not Chinese!

IIRC D doesn't use codepages at all, it is pure UTF-8/16/32. Code pages have all kinds of nasty side effects. For instance, the above code is a garbled mess of number codes in my NG reader. Also this kind of thing:

Way back (2-3 years) I remember a long thread about the use of UTF in D and the up shot was that it's not grate but it's a lot better than anything else anyone has come up with.

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