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Hello Stewart,

BCS wrote:
If the web interface is the problem than it's the posting bit

It can't be just the posting bit.  If it doesn't declare a sensible
encoding, it can't properly display UTF-8 encoded posts either.

it could be converting client side to ASCII :)

AIUI form posts are transmitted in the encoding of the HTML page containing the form. If the user supplies a character that can't be represented in this encoding, it gets converted on the client side to an HTML entity reference. Look at

When this issue was filed, Bugzilla was configured to serve pages in ISO-8859-1; hence the bug report was mangled, with

#  t ~= "我";

having become

#  t ~= "&#25105;";

Now our Bugzilla is on UTF-8, but this instance remains because it is what went through to the server at the time and is therefore stored in the database.


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