What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |
           Keywords|                            |diagnostic, rejects-valid
         OS/Version|Linux                       |All
            Summary|Spurious "warning - "       |Spurious "warning - "
                   |messages output to console  |messages and erratic
                   |                            |behaviour with
                   |                            |is(typeof({void
                   |                            |function}()))
            Version|unspecified                 |1.040

------- Comment #1 from  2009-02-21 15:45 -------
There's something really fishy going on here.
C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>type bz2679a.d
bool valid = is(typeof({long s; short t = s;}()));

C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>dmd -c bz2679a.d

C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>dmd -w -c bz2679a.d
warning -
C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>type bz2679b.d
static assert (is(typeof({long s; short t = s;}())));

C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>dmd -c bz2679b.d

C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>dmd -w -c bz2679b.d
warning - bz2679b.d(1): static assert  is false

C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>type bz2679c.d
static assert (!is(typeof({long s; short t = s;}())));

C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>dmd -c bz2679c.d
bz2679c.d(1): static assert  is false

C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>dmd -w -c bz2679c.d
warning -
C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>type bz2679d.d
pragma(msg, typeof({long s; short t = s;}()).stringof);

C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>dmd -c bz2679d.d

C:\Users\Stewart\Documents\Programming\D\Tests\bugs>dmd -w -c bz2679d.d
warning - bz2679d.d(1): Error: implicit conversion of expression (s) of type
g to short can cause loss of data

Not only is it spitting out that message, but the diagnosed validity of the
expression inside the typeof seems to depend on a few things.  Really, the
expression is valid, but when warnings are enabled it gets mixed up.  Tested on
both 1.040 and 2.025 (Windows) with same effect.


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