ponce wrote:
Hi D lovers,

We managed to win the demo compo at the Numerica Artparty #2 with a D demo 

Source code will be released soon under the WTFPL because some sceners were 
interested in D.

As I understood, C++ is usually prefered by demosceners over D because of supposed 
"performance problems" with D, which are in fact negligible regarding the 
productivity gain.

Another problem is that a basic "hello world" app in D is usually huge by C++ standards, which is a big problem for the smaller demo categories.

But this is really nice. D could be a great language for doing demos, because they need to run fast and you need to be able to write them fast, and D is pretty good on both counts.

Maybe d.announce would be a better newsgroup to post this nice news about winning a demo compo with D?


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