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------- Comment #2 from  2009-03-25 04:55 -------
It works on Windows because of a bug where '/' was not recognized as a
directory separator.

The reason for the restriction against paths in the imports is to prevent
remote execution exploits. Consider where compiling is done on a remote machine
over a network. The remote machine needs to have control over what directory
the import can read files from, otherwise there's a potential vector for

If you need to have multiple directories, they can all be specified on the
command line as a list. I'm going to mark this as invalid as it is a deliberate
design choice. You can reopen it as an enhancement request if you prefer, but
I'll need convincing that relative paths don't leave a hole where an attacker
could potentially try to read any file in the system.

I figured it was best to be secure rather than sorry.


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