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> > ------- Comment #2 from ma...@pochta.ru  2009-04-02 07:50 -------
> > This guy wants gc to free "unmanaged" resources each 10 seconds, because if 
> > gc
> > objects, wrapping those resources, don't occupy much space, gc won't bother 
> > to
> > collect garbage.
> The I suggest creating a thread that calls GC.collect() and then sleeps
> for ten seconds in a loop.

Come to think of it, as simple and kludgey sounding as it is, this is an
incredibly good idea if you have an app that does a lot of sitting around 
for input, etc. and therefore not allocating memory and you want an easy way to
make sure it releases resources in a reasonable amount of time.  This belongs in
an FAQ somewhere.

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