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------- Comment #2 from  2009-04-07 05:55 -------
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> The static assert does give you file/line, so it does give context. But I'll
> add the expression print, too.
> But I think static assert errors should be fatal. They usually involve
> misconfigured code, it is pointless to continue.

Yes, there will not be any more meaningful errors. But you still need a back
If the static assert occurs in (say) a library template, knowing that it
happened in std.functional at line 92 doesn't help very much -- you want to
know where the problem is in _your_ code. (That's a real example, BTW).

Actually, I'll have another try, and see if I can create a backtrace, and THEN
make it a fatal error. So I'm retracting this patch.


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