What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|is() fails to recognize a   |is() doesn't resolve aliases
                   |static array                |before template matching

------- Comment #1 from  2009-04-08 08:00 -------
Actually, the bug is not really a problem with static arrays. The problem is
just that is() isn't resolving aliases. If you replace 'size_t' with 'int' or
'uint', it works fine.
BTW the original code no longer works, since literals are now dynamic arrays,
not static arrays.
template IsStaticSmart(T) {
  static if (is( T E : E[S], int S))
    enum IsStaticSmart = "true: " ~ E.stringof;
    enum IsStaticSmart = "false";

alias int AliasInt;

template IsStaticSmart2(T) {
  static if (is( T E : E[S], AliasInt S))
    enum IsStaticSmart2 = "true: " ~ E.stringof;
    enum IsStaticSmart2 = "false";

char [3] z;

pragma(msg, IsStaticSmart!(typeof(z)));
pragma(msg, IsStaticSmart2!(typeof(z)));

DMD2.028 displays:
true: char


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