Summary: failed assignment gives wrong line number
           Product: D
           Version: 2.027
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows
            Status: NEW
          Keywords: diagnostic, patch
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: DMD

const float foo=200.0;

void main() {
  int y = foo;
fog.d(1): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (200) of type
 to int

But the error is on line 4, not on line 1.
Patch: optimize.c line 128. The problem is that isVarDeclaration() on line 119
returns an expression with the line number where the initializer was from. But,
we want the line number for the assignment.
This patch fixes it, but I think there's something deeper which is wrong here.
There are many similar alias bugs in bugzilla.

--- optimize.c  (revision 23)
+++ optimize.c  (working copy)
@@ -124,6 +124,7 @@
                e = e->copy();
                e->type = e1->type;
+               e->loc = e1->loc;
            e = e1;


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